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Eurasian Blackbird ( Turdus merula )
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The male is black matt, with the yellow beak, the female is dark brown until the moult of autumn, the small are slightly mottled. Eurasian Blackbird Formerly, in Europe, the black blackbirds were migratory, but with the urbanization, many became sedentary. The behavior of the black city blackbirds is often disordered. some males n
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Habitat  : wood of deciduous trees and conifers, with a wet ground, gardens, cities and parks. The black blackbirds of forest are very wild and they graze in ground, those of cities remain always distant, and distrust of the foreigner. However they a lot animate their environment. The black blackbird skips and runs by jerks if it is wrathful, it shows its long tail raised in the starlings which, in the company, are on vacation here and there in straight{*right*} posture, in search of food in the herb. In cities, the black blackbirds very often has more or less big white spots (semi-albino), certain specimens are quite white and have the red eyes (albino).
Food  : earthworms, seeds, fruits
Size  :9.456 inch (24-25 cm) Weight  : 80-110 g Wing span : 13.396 inch (34-38 cm)
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