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Common Pochard ( Aythya ferina )
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bridal Plumage of the drake: head and red neck, black breast and white sides. Brilliant red eye and black beak crossed with a grey blue. The female has also a bar on the beak but less net, it has the brown eye. Common Pochard As all the ducks divers, it must run to the surface of the water to take the flight. It can dive until 13 feet of depth. It tears away the vegetation of the bottom of the water. It is particularly active in the search for food of the twilight at midnight.
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Habitat  : They are very wide-spread in is it, the centre and the northwest of Europe as well as in England. In the moderate climates, they are sedentary or erratic, those of the north and the east of Europe will winter in the Mediterranean basin but cross also winter in central Europe. It prefers the sweet waters of lakes, the big ponds, stream and lagoons brackish in dense vegetation rather than the coast which he frequents by chance.
Food  : water lens, immersed water plant, small crustacean and mollusk, insect.
Size  :16.548 inch (42-49 cm) Weight  : 700-1 kg Wing span : 28.368 inch (72-82 cm)
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