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Tufted Duck ( Aythya fuligula )
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Duck of average size. The drake is black with the white sides, the crest of the drake is bigger than that of the female. The female has a variable, brown plumage with a white task around the beak. Tufted Duck It finds the food almost exclusively under the water, it dives day and night until 22 feet and can reach a depth of 45 feet. It stays easily under the water until 30 seconds.
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Habitat  : Duck diver native of the North and the northeast of Europe. The tufted duck of the West and the northeast of Europe is sedentary, the other migrants. They winter especially on the Occidental coasts of Europe, particularly in England, but also in the Mediterranean pond. One meets it on the sweet waters and peaces of lakes, ponds and rivers but also on the seaside during the rigorous winters.
Food  : mollusk, small crustacean, larva of aquatic insect, worm, small fish
Size  :15.76 inch (40-47 cm) Weight  : 450- 1 kg Wing span : 26.398 inch (67-73 cm)
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