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Common Greenshank ( Tringa nebularia )
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a little bigger than the redshank. Grey plumage pale ash with the dark wings. Breast mottled in more pale, bridal plumage in winter. Grey - olive green paws in winter and grey - vert-jaune in summer. Long beak slightly curved forwards. Common Greenshank The greenshank is easily locatable by his shout, thiou thiou thiou, moreover one often hears it before to see it. In period of migration, it flies often rather high. He knows how to swim and plunge what allows him to catch small fishes. It plunges the head under the water for catch the preys.
Photograph  :
Habitat  : It reproduces in the Scotland, in Scandinavie, in the North of Russia and Siberia. It likes torfmoors, tundra and semi-woody taiga. They cross Europe (from July) on a wide forehead to give itself meeting on the mudholes of the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean then go to Africa where they scatter of the South of Sahara until the Cap and in Madagascar.
Food  : aquatic insect, crustacean, worms, mollusk, small fish.
Size  :11.82 inch (30-35 cm) Weight  : 140-270 g Wing span : 20.882 inch (53-60 cm)
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