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Egyptian Vulture ( Neophron percnopterus )
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The plumage is light gray, white, the edge of the black wings, a big yellow, orange-coloured beak with the black extremity. a wedge-shaped tail. Egyptian Vulture It is able to break eggs by taking a stone in his beak and to throw it on the egg. It is a good walker. The migration begins at the end of August the beginning of September.
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Habitat  :It remains rare in France, one can find it in central, Occidental Pyrenees and in the Southeast. It is present in Africa in steppes, deserts and semi-deserted with rock faces.
Food  :Carrions, snails, eggs, frogs, excrements
Size  :21.67 inch (55-65 cm) Weight  : 1,60-2,10 kg Wing span : 61.07 inch (155-170 cm)
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