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Northern Lapwing ( Vanellus vanellus )
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As his name indicates it has a crest on the head which grows according to the age (it is shorter in the female) .It has the white womb, the dark green wings, the black necklace on the front. Northern Lapwing It is a migratory bird but these last years the winters being less rigorous, they are sedentary. It moves mainly in big troop. It emits a plaintive shout, ti-ouit, when a bird is wounded, the complete band begins turning over him.
Photograph  :
Habitat  :It is frequent in almost all Europe in fields, meadows, on the wet zones. One sees it regularly, winter, on lands freshly ploughed in search of worms.
Food  :Insects, larvas, spiders, towards, mollusks.
Size  :11.032 inch (28-31 cm) Weight  : 150-300 g Wing span : 27.58 inch (70-76 cm)
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