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Common Redshank ( Tringa totanus )
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Of the size of a blackbird, the breast moddle of brown - grey, the base of the beak and the paws lively red for the adults and orange for the young people. In flight one the reconnait also due to the white strip on the back of the wing. Common Redshank When it is put one can hear the shout tîouuuuuu, or in flight tîouu-wou-wou.
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Habitat  :It lives almost in all Europe in the wet prairies, the swamps, the mudholes, the swamps, on the seaside.
Food  :Insects, mollusks, worms, shellfishes.
Size  :10.638 inch (27-29 cm) Weight  : 85-155 g Wing span : 17.73 inch (45-52 cm)
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