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Whimbrel ( Numenius phaeopus )
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The plumage looks like that of the curlew but it is smaller than this one. The shout allows to differentiate it certainly, a clear trill. ( Ouiouiouioui ) Whimbrel It is a migrant, it crosses the winter of Morocco in the Cap but stay mainly in Occidental Africa (Senegal, Maurinania, Gambia) . Even I have observed it on the island of Reunion.
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Habitat  :It likes the wet meadows, the mudhole (bay of the prickle). In period of nesting, it lives in moors, in the peat bogs of the taiga and the tundra of the North of Europe (the Scotland, Ireland) and Russia.
Food  :Insects, small crabs, mollusks, worms, berries.
Size  :15.76 inch (40-46 cm) Weight  : 270-450 g Wing span : 27.974 inch (71-81 cm)
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