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Eurasian Curlew ( Numenius arquata )
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Easily recognizable with the big bent beak. The plumage is brown with the white womb. It is bigger than the whimbrel and it does not possess of streak clear and dark on the head. Eurasian Curlew It is an easily recognizable migratory bird in the song, cou - li, when it is disturbed. In the evening on mudholes one can hear resounding with length tlaoû
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Habitat  :It is spread on the European coasts but also on the coasts of Africa, centre and the North of Asia. It likes swamps, mudholes and the seasides. Inside lands, one meets it in the meadows mown.
Food  :Worms, insects, spiders.
Size  :19.7 inch (50-60 cm) Weight  : 575-950 g Wing span : 31.52 inch (80-100 cm)
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