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Black-necked Grebe ( Podiceps nigricollis )
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Fine beak and slightly bent back forwards. Winter the plumage is grey - brown, in bridal period the neck is black, sides are red, eyes are red and of every sides of the head two bundles of fan-shaped feathers. Black-necked Grebe Very skillful in the fishing of small fishes, it can dive in a depth of 10 feet and to stay 50 seconds under the water.
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Habitat  :Lakes, bays and on river Of water rich in vegetation. But in period of migration one can find it also in the maritime bays. Present in all Europe, North America, Africa of the East and the South.
Food  :Mollusks, aquatic insects and their larvas, small fishes, tadpoles
Size  :11.032 inch (28-34 cm) Weight  : 250 - 350 g Wing span : 22.064 inch (56-60 cm)
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