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Red-crested Pochard ( Netta rufina )
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The drake has the red head, the beak, the eyes and the paws lively red. The breast and the black rump, the sides white. Hen has the grey beak with the red point, the brown plumage with a grey part below the eye. Red-crested Pochard Red-crested pochard can of diving until 13 feet during a duration from 20 to 30 seconds.it is a part of ducks divers and to fly away it needs a short run-up.
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Habitat  :Present in the southeast of France and along the Rhone, on ponds and lakes in dense vegetation and also in the brackish lagoons.
Food  :Water plants, insects.
Size  :20.882 inch (53-57 cm) Weight  : 1kg Wing span : 33.49 inch (85-90 cm)
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