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Red-necked Grebe ( Podiceps grisegena )
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Smaller than the Great Crested Grebe. In bridal plumage, it has a lively red neck in cheeks grey - white and above the head black with small horns. In winter, the short, thick-set and yellow beak in the base and blackish in the point, allows to recognize it Red-necked Grebe It is the shy bird who often hides in reeds. It can cover until 50m under the water. It shows himself in Europe only during migrations. The first birds appear in August, some still in bridal plumage, the others dressed in the discreet winter plumage. Moult can take place till the end of September.
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Habitat  :The summer it likes on ponds and lakes covered with vegetation. Rare in central Europe, it is more common in the East, especially on the edges of the Volga. In winter, it takes refuge on the lakes of plains, the lagoons and the maritime bays.
Food  :Small fishes, batrachians, worms, insects, vegetables
Size  :15.76 inch (40-46 cm) Weight  : 700-900 g Wing span : 30.338 inch (77-85 cm)
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