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Horned Grebe ( Podiceps auritus )
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Slightly bigger than Black-necked Grebe. Easily recognizable in bridal plumage with the red neck, the black cheeks with long feathers, and with the golden horns. The winter plumage is discreet, grey and white. The colour of the beak distinguishes itself from the grebe with black neck by the shape and: right, massive, grey black with a yellow point orange-coloured. Horned Grebe All the grebes spend every day of hours to smooth their feathers with a fat secreted with a gland situated at the level of the rump. This fat is wide-spread either by means of the beak, or by the very surprising convolutions of the neck on the plumage.
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Habitat  :In summer, on the lakes of fresh water covered with vegetation of the forests of conifer Scandinavian, in Iceland and in North America. In winter, on stream, in bays, and sometimes ports.
Food  :Aquatic Insects, batrachians, fishes, water plants.
Size  :12.214 inch (31-38 cm) Weight  : 375-450 g Wing span : 23.246 inch (59-65 cm)
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