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Brant ( Branta bernicla )
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it is a little smaller than the dwarfish goose. She is a black of soot of the beak in the womb with an absent white necklace to the immature. The brant runs and swims well , but it does not dive. The flight evokes that of the duck with beatings of fast wings. Sound voice: " honk ". Brant They winter in the mudholes of the North Sea. They filch also the head under the water, as ducks.
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Habitat  :It is the most Scandinavian of all the gooses. it nests in the tundra in the north limit of Eurasia and on islands between snows and ices.
Food  :Froth and herb the summer. In winter plant navies ( zoostère ) and roots.
Size  :22.064 inch (56-61 cm) Weight  : 1,30-1,60 kg Wing span : 43.34 inch (110-121 cm)
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