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Red-breasted Goose ( Branta ruficollis )
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it is easily recognizable in the plumage. Slightly bigger than a duck mallard. it is very sociable, it flies in compact troops and change direction with a perfect set, what allows to identify them. She shouts a lot. Red-breasted Goose They leave their winter districts from February but they arrive on the scene of nesting in the tundra only in June. They start again at the end of August and appear in November in their winter districts.
Photograph  :
Habitat  :It nests on a small sector of tundra and undergrowth in Eastern Siberia. Almost all the totality of the world population winters in the bays of the South of the Caspian Sea, of small group also in Iran and in the swamps of the Euphrates.
Food  :Vegetarians, grass ...
Size  :21.276 inch (54-60 cm) Weight  : 1,20-1,50 kg Wing span : 43.34 inch (110-125 cm)
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