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Red Knot ( Calidris canutus )
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Thick-set, about of the size of a thrush. He is grey in winter. The summer plumage is red on the bottom, the female has small white tasks. Paws are green. Red Knots fly and arise in very compact troops often by thousands, in which the birds of prey do not venture. Birds little shy. It is often with the Bar-tailed Godwit. Red Knot It arises often very near the coasts of the North Sea during the migration, especially in September, generally already in winter plumage. It winters in the Mediterranean regions and near the coasts of Occidental Africa.
Photograph  :
Habitat  :It nests in Iceland, in Alaska and in certain places of Siberia. It nests in the North of the tree line in the tundra on the ground bare or covered with lichens.
Food  :Larvas of mosquitoes, small towards, shellfishes, insects.
Size  :9.062 inch (23-27 cm) Weight  : 125-215 g Wing span : 18.518 inch (47-54 cm)
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