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Curlew Sandpiper ( Calidris ferruginea )
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Hardly the size of a starling,It distinguishes himself from the other sandpipers in bridal plumage by the combination hooked beak and breast red brown. White, visible rump on the ground. Becomes confused in winter with the Dunlin, but it is much finer and high on paws. Curlew Sandpiper Length and curvature of the beak can vary and are not a sure distinguishing feature. Migrations cross continents, and also Europe, where the Curlew Sandpiper arises in August and September, alone or in small troops, on the muddy banks.
Photograph  :
Habitat  :Extremely north Niche of Asia in a very small zone. The winter environment is on the other hand very vast: coasts of almost all Africa, Asia of the South, Oceania and Australia.
Food  :Insects, small shellfishes, seeds.
Size  :7.092 inch (18-23 cm) Weight  : 45-90 g Wing span : 14.972 inch (38-41 cm)
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