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Curruca cabacinegra ( Sylvia melanocephala )
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Look like the warbler(sylvia hortensis) but in smaller and with a circle orbital red. To the male the head is black until the throat, the back is dark grey until the black tail. The livery of the female aims more towards the grey and less rich in nuances. Curruca cabacinegra In alarm hoarse shout, in kestrel " trrétrrétrrétrré tcheur " reminding the cry of alarm of the wren.
Photograph  :
Habitat  :In the Mediterranean pond, it is as typical as the olive tree. Forests clear and rich in undergrowth.
Food  :Insects, berries.
Size  :5.122 inch (13-14 cm) Weight  : 10-14 g Wing span : 5.91 inch (15-18 cm)
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