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Greater White-fronted Goose ( Anser albifrons )
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Smaller than the greylag goose and what the bean goose, it has a beak of flesh-coloured colour surrounded with white feathers. The womb is stained with black. It is the goose who shout a lot . Greater White-fronted Goose One can observe them in the North of France if winter is very rigorous otherwise they cross winter on the Dutch polders.
Photograph  :
Habitat  :It nests in the north of Russia and Siberia. it winters near the Caspian Sea, near the Black Sea, near the Danube and especially in the North Sea.
Food  :Herb, cereal, seeds.
Size  :25.61 inch (65-78 cm) Weight  : 1,90-2,50 kg Wing span : 51.22 inch (130-165 cm)
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