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NutTracker ( Nucifraga caryocatactes )
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Of the size of the Eurasian jay. Dark and spotted chocolate-brown brown of white to on the head. White corners in the tail. NutTracker Very discreet during the nesting, the rest hidden in wood from spruces, except the nesting, sing a lot , is gregarious and lives openly. Skip deftly on the boughs and hang on{*collide*} to trunks.
Photograph  :
Habitat  :Forests of spruces or the other conifers. In mountain, nest gladly in pines until the limit of forests, in winter, also in valleys and forests of broad-leaved trees.
Food  :Insects, seeds, berries.
Size  :12.608 inch (32-35 cm) Weight  : 120-170 g Wing span : 19.306 inch (49-53 cm)
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