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House Sparrow ( Passer domesticus )
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Strongly gregarious. The male{*mate*} is put on{*beaten*} with a grey skullcap and carries{*wears*} a black bib which, in winter, is darkened with the grey borders of feathers House Sparrow Generally, they are ground birds, but it often happens that a band{*strip*} occupied to peck in earth{*ground*} goes suddenly to perch in a shrub, before returning.
Photograph  :
Habitat  :Practically all over the world, of the cap the North on the verge of deserts, always in the neighborhood of the man. Avoid the big forests, as well as the forested villages.
Food  :Seeds, nuts, berries, buds, insects, scraps.
Size  :5.516 inch (14 cm) Weight  : 19-25 g Wing span : 7.88 inch (20-22 cm)
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