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Greylag Goose ( Anser anser )
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Grey - clear Plumage. Orange-coloured yellow beak, pink paws. In migration, one can see of big beating (50 to 200 gooses) glancing through France. In flight, the gooses are noisy and one often hears them before to see them. Greylag Goose The gooses are suspicious birds and fly away as soon as they feel a danger. Migration towards Spain begins in October and return towards their places of nesting begin from february-March.
Photograph  :
Habitat  :Meadows, lakes surrounded with reed In migration, from October, in France one can observe it on the coast and in the zones of swamp.
Food  :Spices and cereal. The gooses are vegetarians.
Size  :29.156 inch (74-84 cm) Weight  : 2,90-3,70 kg Wing span : 59.1 inch (150-170 cm)
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