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Eurasian Spoonbill ( Platalea leucorodia )
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Easily recognizable with the lengthened and flat beak. The plumage is of colour white cremate. They are very silent birds which fly there V or on-line oblique ( the tense neck). Eurasian Spoonbill The beak is of use to him for sieving the mud to find there its food. The Spoonbill is a migratory bird who from quits September the districts to find tropical Africa and returns only in March - April.
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Habitat  :Lakes shallow, lagoons and zones with plans of water without too much vegetation.
Food  :Aquatic Larvas, batrachians, mollusks, worm
Size  :31.52 inch (80-93 cm) Weight  : 1-1,5 kg Wing span : 47.28 inch (120-135 cm)
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