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Temminck's Stint ( Calidris temminckii )
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About of the size of the Little Stint. Silhouette slightly finer. Importing distinguishing feature, it has paws yellowish grey - green to the immature and they are grey - black greenish at the adults. It has the brown - black beak at the immatures then the black. Grey top. Agile flight, mostly very near the surface. Voice: hissing Trill. Temminck The first birds of passage in central Europe appear from July, migration reaches its maximum in August, and ends at the end of September. The Temminck's Stint winters in the Mediterranean pond, and near the coasts of Africa and Asia, but it does not go to the equator.
Photograph  :
Habitat  :It nests in the tundra, mostly near the water. In migration, it arises on bare mudholes, and also, contrary to the other sandpipers, between the plants of beaches often a little away from the big troops of limicolous.
Food  :Shellfishes, insects.
Size  :5.122 inch (13-15 cm) Weight  : 20-40 g Wing span : 13.396 inch (34-37 cm)
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