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Pied Avocet ( Recurvirostra avosetta )
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Of the size of a pigeon. Paws grey - blue. The plumages of two sexes almost have the same aspect in winter and in summer. The immature, until first winter, are white and pale brown with black feather. it has a curved beak upward. Pied Avocet The Pied Avocet walks in big step, it remains often put on a single paw, it often swims and can dive if necessary. Under the water it trots by means of the wings. it pushes a piercing cry of alarm. " Tuut "
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Habitat  :The Pied Avocet is bound to the salt water. When a stretch of water loses its salinity, it goes away. it nests in lagoons, muddy bays, salty or brackish lakes.
Food  :Small shellfishes, and micro-organisms
Size  :16.548 inch (42-46 cm) Weight  : 250-400 g Wing span : 26.398 inch (67-77 cm)
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