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Little Stint ( Calidris minuta )
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Slightly smaller than the Temminck's Stint. Immature easy to identify due to the "V" very visible white on the back. The adults are brown with the white womb in summer, in winter the breast also is white. Paws and beak are always black. Little Stint The Little Stint migrates at night and appears in autumn in big troops on the Sea of the North and the Baltic, often together with the other sandpipers.
Photograph  :
Habitat  :It nests in the tundra, in the South to the tundra with dwarfish trees. It is little spread or totally absent there where the Temminck's Stint is present.
Food  :Larvas of mosquitoes, small towards, shellfishes, insects.
Size  :4.728 inch (12-14 cm) Weight  : 20-40 g Wing span : 13.396 inch (34-37 cm)
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