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Wallcreeper ( Tichodroma muraria )
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The top is grey ashed, wings and tail are black.White spots at the end of wings. The top of wings is red in the connection with the body. In summer, males{*mates*} have the black throat{*breast*}, in winter she is whitish. In the season of courtship, the livery of the female contains a white bib. At the young people having taken their flight, the beak is short and less hooked than at the adults. Their colours are matt.The shout of appeal is a whistling «tuî-tih». Wallcreeper In search of food, the Wallcreeper climbs deftly by beating strongly wings, even along the abrupt{*steep*} cliffs, and without taking support on its tail. The white and red spots of feathers are then very clairvoyants. Reached at the top, the Wallcreeper comes down again by gliding and by fluttering in a graceful flight{*theft*} of butterfly, at feet of the rock face.
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Habitat  :Rock faces in mountain, in summer until 3 000 m of height, in autumn, also in valleys and until low mountain. The area of nesting is generally in throats{*breasts*}, in overhang of a torrent.
Food  :Insects
Size  :5.91 inch (15-17 cm) Weight  : 25 g Wing span : 11.82 inch (30-35 cm)
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