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Spotted Redshank ( Tringa erythropus )
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The bridal plumage is black with fine white spots. The white of the rump, visible in flight goes back up in line on the back. The tail is fine and blocked of dark. In winter plumage, the back is grey sinks, more pale bottom, with fine whitish spots. It has red paws dark the summer, light red winter and to the young. Spotted Redshank Except the season of nests, it stays near lakes and ponds at the muddy and low banks, also in the brackish waters or saltworks.
Photograph  :
Habitat  :It is spread enough in the scrub-covered tundra and the forests reaching the north limit of the taiga. It nests in peat bogs and swamps of the North.
Food  :Insects, molluscs, worms.
Size  :11.426 inch (29-32 cm) Weight  : 135-250 Wing span : 18.912 inch (48-52 cm)
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