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Sanderling ( Calidris alba )
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About of the size of the Dunlin. In winter he is almost white down, with the silvery grey back. The summer the back is brown - black, feathers lined with red. It has the forehead and the womb whites all year long. Paws are black brilliant without posterior finger. In flight, it has a white stripe on the wing. Sanderling In migration, it arises on the beaches of sand or little stone, or on the dry ground, in some metres over levels of waters. It is a rather rare migratory bird inside lands, especially from August till October.
Photograph  :
Habitat  :It nests in the arctic tundra mostly on coasts or sandy soils.
Food  :Insects, small shellfishes.
Size  :7.88 inch (20-21 cm) Weight  : 50-60 g Wing span : 14.184 inch (36-39 cm)
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