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Osprey ( Pandion haliaetus )
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It is bigger than the harrier, white top, top of the clear head. The long narrow wings are sharply cubits in flight. The talons are particularly long, curved and sharp. Osprey It is able to catch fishes weighing 4 pounds. When it tracked down a prey, it beats wings a short moment, drops then it spreads the paws downward and dives into the water where it disappears in the sheaves of spatters and reappears some moment later finally to fly away with the prey. Migrant it crosses winter in tropical Africa and returns at about March. Migration begins in August and continues until November.
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Habitat  : It lives in the North and is it of Europe and on the banks of the South of Spain. He lives on ponds, lakes of fresh, interminable water but also on the maritime banks.
Food  :Mainly fish but also indulges in shady dealings, crustacean, mollusk, duck
Size  :20.488 inch (52-60 cm) Weight  : 1,20-2 kg Wing span : 57.13 inch (145-170 cm)
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