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Mute Swan ( Cygnus olor )
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One of the biggest European birds, the plumage is white, the beak is orange-coloured. Reconnait the other swans by the tuber on the beak. In flight the whistling of the wings allows of the reconnaitre rather easily. Mute Swan Migratory Sort but swans being in parks are sedentary because they are fed by the man. It is a bird monogame. It needs to run of the water to fly away.
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Habitat  :Lakes, ponds, rivers, maritime bays. The big neck allows him to look for its food in one rather deep.
Food  :In base of vegetables mainly.
Size  :55.16 inch (140-160 cm) Weight  : 10-12 kg Wing span : 82.74 inch (210-240 cm)
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