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Golden eagle ( Aquila chrysaetos )
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It is light brown colour or bored. it has very powerful and sharp greenhouses. Golden eagle It never abandons a prey that it managed to catch. it can attack sometimes lambs, kids or even in young chamoises. In Russia, one draws up it for the hunting of the wolf. The life expectancy can reach 90 years
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Habitat  :It lives in the rocky places of the mountains of the Scotland, Scandinavia, Spain, the Alps, the Carpathian Mountains, certain regions of Europe and North Africa. it remains in the Alps with about 200 couples.
Food  :Marmot, grouse, hare
Size  :29.55 inch (75-85 cm) Weight  : 3 à 6 kg Wing span : 74.86 inch (190-225 cm)
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