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Grey Heron ( Ardea cinerea )
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Easily recognizable with the slow flight, the neck folded up in, its paws overtaking of its body and its wide wings. The plumage is grey on wings, white on the big neck and he has a black task on the head. The beak is yellow. Grey Heron In action of hunting or fishing, it is capable of remaining immovable during one hours. It uses its beak as a harpoon with a speed and a surprising precision.
Photograph  :
Habitat  :One a little finds it everywhere of the swamp in the field by way of the seaside. The big forests do not love. The grey heron is a partial migrant, a part spends winter in Africa.
Food  : Fishes, frogs, insects, field mouses
Size  :35.46 inch (90-98 cm) Weight  : 1,60-2 kg Wing span : 68.95 inch (175-195 cm)
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