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Great Tit ( Parus major )
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Largest and heaviest of the titmouses of Central Europe. Black head, yellow cheeks, black band across the yellow chest. The small ones are duller and have the yellowish cheeks. Extremely wide vocal register, imitating all kinds of forest birds. Great Tit The Scandinavian coal titmouses are migrating and those of Central Europe are birds of passage, those of southernmost Europe are sedentary.
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Habitat  :Very widespread, everywhere where there are trees, in the Far North, the habitat stops before the limit of the forests. In the gardens, the parks and the clear forests, it is most common of the titmouses.
Food  :Insects, seeds.
Size  :5.516 inch (14 cm) Weight  : 16-21 g Wing span : 8.668 inch (22-25 cm)
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