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Gadwall ( Anas strepera )
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A little smaller than the duck mallard, the gadwall has a black beak, its plumage is brown, he has a white mirroir (in wings) and a black rump. Gadwall It is the duck which is rarely in big troops (20 indivdus). It is very noisy, the shout of the drake looks like that of the crow and that of the hen, has règ-règ.
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Habitat  :It likes the sweet waters of not very deep lakes and rich in vegetation. It is a species of the Eastern Europe, but in migration one meets him on the Atlantic coast and especially on the Mediterranean pond. It is present in Great Britain.
Food  :In base of vegetables, seeds, and grasshoppers.
Size  :18.124 inch (46-56 cm) Weight  : 650-900 g Wing span : 33.096 inch (84-95 cm)
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