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Dunlin ( Calidris alpina )
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Slightly smaller than a starling. In summer, it distinguishes himself at once from the other sandpipers similar to the black womb lined with light. The winter plumage is discreet, the beak slightly hooked, the grey breast - brown. Dunlin It is a very sociable and very active bird, it almost patters all day in the mud or the shallow water by pecking. It is winter near the coasts of Western and Southern Europe as well as in Africa until the level of the equator.
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Habitat  :It nests in the Arctic where it is frequent to the tundra with dwarfish birches. It is the only sandpiper which nests on the coasts of the North Sea and the Baltic.
Food  :Shells and the other mollusks, shellfishes, towards, the insects.
Size  :6.304 inch (16-20 cm) Weight  : 40-50 g Wing span : 13.79 inch (35-40 cm)
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