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Common Snipe ( Gallinago gallinago )
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Of the size of a big blackbird, it has a big beak. it has eyes rather high on the head. it belongs to the same family as snipe but much smaller and the plumage is different. Common Snipe In flight, it emits a hoarse shout which looks like the noise of a kiss. it is able to find the food with the point of the beak until 2.3 inch in depth, it can eat without taking out the beak of the ground. When it is surprised, it flies away in zigzag, what protects it a few shots of the hunters.
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Habitat  : it is present in all Europe, it likes the swampy prairies and the not too much flooded swamps.
Food  : Worm, leech, mollusk, insect, vegetables, root, germ, semen.
Size  :9.85 inch (25-28 cm) Weight  : 80-120 g Wing span : 14.578 inch (37-43 cm)
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