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Black-headed Gull ( Larus ridibundus )
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In summer, black-brown head, paws and beak red, sociable and noisy. In winter, white head, with spot brown - grey near the ear. The youthful have the spotted brown back and the brown - grey beak. Black-headed Gull It is only in the third summer that the youthful are accepted in colonies, where they nest for the first time. Black-headed Gulls lead collective attacks by shouting a lot against the enemies of the broods, the crows and the hedgehogs.
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Habitat  :It is present in all the moderate zone, and in certain cold regions of Eurasia
Food  :Carnivore mainly, insects, towards, fishes, carrions.
Size  :13.396 inch (34-37 cm) Weight  : 225-350 g Wing span : 39.4 inch (100-110 cm)
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