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Common Quail ( Coturnix coturnix )
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Gallinacean of the size of a big starling, who flies away almost under the steps of the walker and runs away in right{*straight*} flight{*theft*} and in a rustle of wings. One perceives then two yellowish longitudinal lines marked well on the back. Almost non-existent tail. Find a way mainly by the song trisyllabique very characteristic of the male. One hears it from May till June, usually at night, more rarely the day, repeated only several times then interrupted with long breaks. The nights when there is no wind, voice carries{*wears*} until about a kilometre. Common Quail The quail is a migratory species able to cross the Mediterranean Sea as Sahara of a single draft and win until is it of Africa. Numerous birds hivervent also in the Atlas. They migrate remotely or in small troops, by flying almost level with the ground or with the water and always with the night. The fattening of the prairies and the stocking of the feed in silos allow three harvests a year, the first already in May, so that these birds which nest on the ground have only rarely the possibility of leading a forward brooding.
Photograph  :
Habitat  :Big exposed{*explained*} well and little dry prairies as well as fields of wheat which hens leave with their chicks often from before the harvest to settle down in a field of potatoes.
Food  :Seeds and insects
Size  :6.304 inch (16-18 cm) Weight  : 70-135 g Wing span : 12.608 inch (32-35 cm)
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