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Common Buzzard ( Buteo buteo )
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His plumage as the name indicates it is very variable of white in dark brown. On every individual one can perceive on the breast one V more clearly. The shout looks like a mewing. Common Buzzard It waits perched that a prey passes in its reach before dropping on this one. The small rodents represent 60 % of its food.
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Habitat  :It is a part of birds of prey most frequent in Europe,it likes wood, in plain or in mountain, but however it prefers the places where the forest alternates with the meadows and the fields.
Food  :Lizard, snake, young hares, insects.
Size  :19.7 inch (50-57 cm) Weight  : 550-1.2 kg Wing span : 44.522 inch (113-128 cm)
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