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Short-toed Snake-Eagle ( Circaetus gallicus )
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It has a big head with big eyes, pointing out the owls a little. The extremity of wings are blackish. It is the size of an grey heron. Short-toed Snake-Eagle It attacksany sort of snakes, poisonous or not. It does not seem immunized against the poison. It turns around the snake by beating wings then seize the snake in the nape of the neck. It is strictly migratory, it passes in centro-Southern Europe from July till October when it leaves Russia to join the winter districts close to the equator Southern.
Photograph  :
Habitat  : In France it is present, but remains rather rare, in regions southernmost. It needs big bare spaces with scattered trees or bushes.
Food  : Mainly snake, lizard, frog, snail, insect.
Size  :24.428 inch (62-69 cm) Weight  : 1,50-2,50 kg Wing span : 63.828 inch (162-178 cm)
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