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Lammergeier ( Gypaetus barbatus )
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It has a black strip of the eye in the base of the beak. The plumage of the head is white - grey. It has the long and narrow wings, a wedge-shaped tail. It has a big scale 108 inches. Lammergeier It takes bones, too big to be eaten, in airs and drop them on cliffs to the broken to be able to eat the marrow and the fragments. It cleans carcasses after the passage of the other vultures.
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Habitat  : The high mountain, the limit of the forest in the superior alpine zone. It disappeared in the Alps. There is only about fifteen couples in France, in Central, Occidental Pyrenees and Corsica.
Food  : died Animals, skin, bone.
Size  :41.37 inch (105-130 cm) Weight  : 6-7 kg Wing span : 92.59 inch (235-275 cm)
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