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Black-tailed Godwit ( Limosa limosa )
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In winter, the plumage is brown - grey whereas the summer the plumage is colored with a red of the most beautiful effect, blocked womb of blackish. High bird on paw with a big beak. The extremity of the tail is black. Black-tailed Godwit it can move in the water until 6 inches in depth and plunges the head and the neck to reach the bottom. The point of the beak is mobile, it can seize a prey and extract it from some mud without it is ob
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Habitat  : Frequent in the Eastern Europe, she lives also in the northerly regions of Germany, Denmark, the Holland and Belgium, in the south extremity of Sweden, and more and more frequently in central Europe. One meets it also in Iceland, in the southeast of England and on the West France. In the end of July and in August, it nests especially in the Mediterranean pond, but also on the Occidental coasts of Europe, it returns by bands in the areas of nesting in March - April. it lives in peat bogs and in the vast prairies near ponds and lakes.
Food  : worm, mollusk, crustacean, shell
Size  :14.184 inch (36-44 cm) Weight  : 280-500 g Wing span : 23.64 inch (60-70 cm)
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