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Common Teal ( Anas crecca )
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The smallest of ducks, the drake has the red head with a dark green eyebrow, its beak is slightly tucked up. In the rumpithas a yellow triangle on each side. The womb is white and the light gray body. Hen has the brown plumage. Speculum on the wings is green. Common Teal it is very fast in flight and very agile,it is capable of changing course very quickly and almost upright especially when it receives a gunshot. She likes to fly in troops. Very active in the twilight and the nights of full moon
Photograph  :
Habitat  :Very frequent, one a little meets it everywhere in the little deep wet zones.itis frequent also on the coast and in estuaries or lagoons.
Food  :Aquatic Insects, towards, molluscs, water plants.
Size  :13.396 inch (34-38 cm) Weight  : 250-400 g Wing span : 22.852 inch (58-64 cm)
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