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Tundra Swan ( Cygnus columbianus )
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Smaller than his cousins the wild swan and the swan mute, its beak is yellow with the black extremité. The surface in yellow of the beak is less important than to the wild swan. Tundra Swan During rigorous winter, one can observe him in Belgium and in France on the coasts of La Manche and the Atlantic Ocean. They can take off without run on the water as the ducks.
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Habitat  :The areas of shallow water. It is the most Scandinavian of three swans, it lives along the coasts of Siberia. It crosses winter in Holland, in Great Britain or in Ireland.
Food  :Spices and water plants but also mollusks.
Size  :45.31 inch (115-127 cm) Weight  : 5-6,50 kg Wing span : 70.92 inch (180-210 cm)
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