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Northern Pintail ( Anas acuta )
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The nothern pintail is the most elegant of our ducks. It has a disentangled tail, a big white neck, a brown head to the drake. Hen has the brown plumage. The beak is bluish on sides and black in the middle. Paws are grey. Northern Pintail It has a fast flight with hissing beatings of wings. The shout of the drake consists of wrou wrou (rolled about). Song of the hen looks like that of the mallard's hen. The tail of drake measures between 3 and 4 inch
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Habitat  :Nothern pintail is a Scandinavian bird, it nests at the edge of ponds or in swamps. In winter, it is very present in France, during migrations it lands in estuaries and in salty waters.
Food  :Vegetable (small peas.) worms, mollusk.
Size  :20.882 inch (53-70 cm) Weight  : 550-1,2 kg Wing span : 31.52 inch (80-95 cm)
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