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Barred Warbler ( Sylvia nisoria )
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Of the size of the bunting, the ash colour, and reminding by far the pigeon. The adults are easily recognizable, by their breast comparable to that of the sparrow hawk, and in their eyes, very lively closely. Barred Warbler The male sings from the day of its arrival, till the end of April or to the beginning of May. The song risks to be confused with that of the warbler of gardens and includes fragments of the song of the warbler with black head. It sings sometimes in a thick bush, sometimes in a flight of characteristic song: it dashes there made rear and flies zigzag towards another bush, where it arises. At the end of one minute, it resumes air and returns finally near the point of departure.
Photograph  :
Habitat  :Not too much dense bushes, and in particular with thorny shrubs. In the forested regions, especially in the big clearings. Very uneven appearances following places, what lets suppose Very precise requirements as for the environment.
Food  :Insectes, fruits
Size  :5.91 inch (15-17 cm) Weight  : 12-15 g Wing span : 5.91 inch (15-20 cm)
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