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Corn Crake ( Crex crex )
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Similar to quail but definitely larger. Fly only seldom and on short distances, the legs pendantes. At the season of the nests, the male presents a plumage gray-blue at the neck and betrays its presence by a song similar to a scraping. The youngs are black. Corn Crake The corn crake moves in its territory by borrowing kinds of "corridor-tunnels" built under the vegetation and in which it can run at an astonishing speed without a grass bit moving.
Photograph  :
Habitat  :Wet but not softened meadows, clover and corn fields bordered of bushes.
Food  :Insects, worms, more rarely of seeds.
Size  :10.638 inch (27-30 cm) Weight  : 135-200 g Wing span : 18.124 inch (46-53 cm)
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